SP 500 Earnings Update: Forward Estimate Growth now over 20%

https://insight.factset.com/record-number-of-sp-500-companies-issuing-positive-eps-guidance-for-2018 The above link may be the best summary of this week’s earnings “action” but Factset notes pointedly that “A record number of SP 500 companies are issuing positive EPS guidance for 2018”. Here is the Thomson Reuters data (by … Continued

Could 2018 See 3.9% Unemployment for the First Time Since 1960’s?

https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNU04000000?periods=Annual+Data&periods_option=specific_periods&years_option=all_years The above link is a data set from the BLS for post World War II unemployment rates, and with the US economy currently sitting at 4.1% unemployment the night before the December ’17 non-farm payroll and unemployment data are … Continued

The Bond Market is the Risk in 2018

Supposedly, the old-school Sicilian Mafia have an old saying, “the snake lays coiled in Napoli” which supposedly means that in older Italy, when the Mafioso ran the country and the Mafia power centers were split between Sicily and Naples, the … Continued