Nasdaq and the 50-Day Moving Average

B.I.G._Tips_-_Nasdaq_100_Epic_Streak (1) With so much investment-related information data, available daily on a plethora of blogs, Twitter, not to mention the mainstream financial media, every week there is just an enormous amount of market-related data to sift through. The above chart … Continued

Thoughts on 2015 – A Few Surprises

Thanks for reading this blog this year.   Here is our bullish case for 2016, and here is the biggest worry headed into the last two weeks of 2015, which hasn’t really materialized. We’ll be out with earnings-related blog posts … Continued

5.6.14: Healthcare Earnings Deep-Dive

Last weekend, in our Weekly Earnings Update here, we noted the strength in SP 500 earnings was coming from Technology and Healthcare. Thanks to Gregg Harrison of Thomson Reuters, T/R provided us with some color on the HealthCare sector. Here … Continued