What SP 500 Earnings Estimates Are Not

Bob Doll, Nuveen’s excellent strategist here in Chicago was on CNBC Wednesday here and he talked about the SP 500 possibly not seeing as a much as a 10% correction given that ‘earnings are too strong”. Bob could be right, but … Continued

12.22.13: Weekend Links of Some Gravitas

One of the best tweets of the week, from Josh Brown (naturally) who linked this Harvard study noting that for individual investors, returns are “extrapolative”. Explained another way years ago by a fellow contributor to TheStreet.com, Gary Dvorchak, individual or … Continued

11.30.13: SP 500 Earnings Update:

The one aspect to our earnings work that might not be readily apparent to readers, is that sometimes there is little new or “value-added” to say about the weekly SP 500 earnings data, that would be worth reading. At those … Continued