Q1 ’15 Revenue Growth Not As Good As Earnings

Running through the Thomson Reuters Earnings Scorecard, Q1 ’15 SP 500 earnings are coming in with a 69% beat rate.


Beat: 69%

Match: 11%

Below: 20%

However, SP 500 Revenue is an issue:

Beat: 44%

Match: 0%

Below: 56%

As of April 29th, 2015, Q1 ’15 SP 500 earnings have now increased 6.7%, versus last weekend’s 5% expected growth rate.

The sectors with the biggest revenue misses have been Consumer Discretionary, (-3% surprise factor), Industrial’s (-3%), and Materials, with a surprise factor of -5%.

Surprisingly, Energy has had a 7% positive surprise factor. Didnt expect that, but this speaks to “expectations” and this was before Exxon Mobil’s positive surprise this morning.

I’m trying to get a data point on just how much of a percentage hit “currency” cost the SP 500. So far, while it shows up in individual reports, I can’t get a macro data point.

The regular Weekly Earnings Update will be out Friday night, May 1st or Saturday morning, May 2nd.




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