1.8.15: 2015 SP 500 Earnings Webinar Tonight with Bob Lang of Explosive Options

Bob Lang, of Explosive Options was kind enough to invite me on tonight, January 8th, 2015 at 4 pm central for an “earnings webinar” where we talk about both 2014 actual earnings and 2015’s expected earnings growth and where you might benefit in terms of portfolio positioning for 2015.

Here is one link that I hope works:https://t.co/pKvn6RoBls for tonight.

Here was last weekend’s Fundamentalis.com blog post where we talked about our top sector for 2015, noting how the sector’s revisions are shaping up similar to late 2012, where we made a similar call and the Financials had a great year, outperforming the SP 500.

There is more to the fundamental case for Financials, which we will discuss tonight.

Here is an earlier blog post talking about how Energy’s revisions are having a definite influence on SP 500 valuation metrics.

Finally, here is our December 11 blog post on the SP 500’s 10 sectors, comparing their earnings weight to their market capitalizations. This is more important than you think.

Tune in tonight, to www.explosiveoptions.net to hear the webinar, on SP 500 earnings.

We will be incorporating earnings detail from both Thomson Reuters and Factset’s excellent weekly earnings detail.

I’d like to thank Bob Lang in advance for the opportunity to talk about SP 500 earnings on his show.

Trinity Asset Management, Inc. by:

Brian Gilmartin, CFA

Portfolio manager

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