Fiscal 2018 Estimates Tell Us Apple is Fine

Apple updated Wall Street on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. I wanted to give the Street a few days to chew on the models, etc.etc. and update their numbers.

Here is the change in fiscal 2018 revenue and EPS estimates, from the last year and the last week:

  • 9/15/17: EPS est: $10.95, rev est: $263.2 billion
  • 9/09/17: EPS est: $10.86, rev est: $261.6 billion
  • 8/16/16: EPS est: $10.07, rev est: $241 billion

But, really, all investors needed to do was watch the stock after the Tuesday mid-day update.

The worries about iPhone delays, etc. are overblown. If the Christmas quarter is weak in terms of iPhone units or ASP’s (average selling prices) the fiscal year estimate trend of upward EPS and revenue revisions remains unabated.

So far, little about Apple’s story has changed for the worse. I worry about it constantly, given the market cap, since a stock with a $815 billion market cap comprises roughly 4% of the $20 trillion output of the US economy.

(Think about that, for a second.)

However, looking at forward estimates and combining with the stock price action, we remain long Apple and might even add a little more.

Here is the blog link from this weekend, referencing the blog post on Apple estimates from August, 2016.

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