Forward SP 500 Earnings Look Very Good

Let’s run through the weekly earnings data from Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S:

  • Forward 4-quarter estimate: $138.42
  • P.E ratio: 17.9(x)
  • PEG ratio: 1.83(x)
  • SP 500 earnings yield: +5.59%
  • Year-over-year growth rate of the forward estimate: +9.75% vs last week’s +9.21%

Tracking the year-over-year growth in the forward estimate;

  • 8/4/17: +9.75%
  • 7/7/17: +9.58%
  • 6/9/17: +9.35%
  • 5/5/17: +9.80%
  • 4/7/17: +8.30%

The “forward 4-quarter EPS” has still not cracked 10% y/y growth, and it may not, since the earnings compare’s get tougher with the 3rd and 4th quarters since crude oil prices were less of a drag in the back half of 2016, but you also have Financial’s possibly to starting to enter a period where revenue and EPS growth could accelerate.

The forward estimate trends remain positive. For SP 500, it’s one of the best leading indicators we have.

A number of good technicians noted that Financials were on the verge of a longer-term breakout this past week:

Chris Verrone, the excellent technician at Strategas, noted at a Chicago presentation, noted that Financials are starting to break out

Late Friday night, headed out of the office, saw CNBC’s Fast Money and OptionsAction on CNBC, Carter Worth is now bullish the Financial sector, looking for a break out.

Both are good technicians. As noted last week, Financial sector earnings look good into year-end 2017 thus far. Technology likely improved with Apple’s earnings.

Have to keep it short tonight.

Thank you for reading.




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