12.1.13: Weekend Linkfest: The Longer We Go Without A Correction…

To complete the above sentence, the longer we go without a correction, the worse it will be (from a peak-to-trough correction) and the longer it will last.

All the bubble talk is somewhat puzzling, given the SP 500 is trading at 15(x) forward earnings, while Factset says the 10-year average p.e ratio is 14(x).

Ryan Detrick (@ryandterick) is widely followed by everyone these days. Here is a great chart. Bulls vs. Bears data should make everyone nervous;

Here is another great chart by Ryan Detrick regarding the 7-week win streak for the SP 500 is bullish;

Eddy Elfenbein – love this guy. Was wondering when someone was going to pounce on this comment by Greenspan.

This year’s +27% return on the SP 5oo has many pundits thinking next year will be tough for market returns. Here is the historical average after good years. Stay long…

This is a great chart from Josh Brown.

From Carol Roth (@Caroljsroth), local Chicagoan, Blackhawk’s fan, CNBC pundit, and a person with a great sense of humor tweets a picture of the “saddest discount holiday sign ever”. (Derrick Rose).

Great chart on MSFT by Greg Harmon (@harmongreg), CMT. Added to our MSFT position for clients in October. (long MSFT). They are hamstrung on the $90 billion in cash, given the non US custody, but something with shake this loose.

Good chart from @Soberlook on emerging markets. Never been an EM investor, but the rotation will make sense at some point.

Gotta love the State of Illinois and its pension issue. From the Illinois Policy Institute. Here is another angle pulled from Carol Roth’s Twitter feed. We’re asking the same people who caused the problem to fix the problem.

Watching a romantic love story movie on cable featuring Richard Gere and Minnie Driver, as I am writing this.¬†Shoot me in the head, now. (Cant wait for the Bear’s to¬†kickoff.)

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