StyleBox Update: 3-year Growth Numbers Still Low-Single-Digits

This update is usually posted every 6 weeks, but thanks to the schedule, it wasn’t updated until November 30th for this period.

What caught my eye when updating the numbers is the paltry upside for “3-year growth” annual returns.

In the 2nd “style returns” column (3rd column from left), the black-bordered boxes show below-average returns for 3-year growth style, versus the 1,5, 10, and 15-year annual returns.

Draw your own conclusions about the data: I have an opinion, but will let readers formulate their own.

Technically, looking at the chart of the QQQ’s, the ETF peaked in July ’23 at $387 and change, and then peaked again in late November ’23 at $393, and now looks to be rolling over.

None of this is advice, or a recommendation. Past performance is no guarantee of futures results. All of this return data is sourced from Morningstar.

Thanks for reading.

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