Great Read from Jag Capital

Guys like Jeff Miller at NewArc Capital and Josh Brown are frequently quoted on this blog. Their research is top-notch and its also written in a way that is readily digestible for readers.

Today’s piece is from Norm Conley of JAG Capital out of St. Louis. Like Jeff Miller, Norm and I got to know each other when we both wrote for Jim Cramer’s, “” back in the 2000’s. That was a tough decade for growth managers, but to Jim’s credit he always attracted top-quality talent like Jeff and Norm (present company excepted).

Norm and I spoke frequently off the forum: I distinctly remember getting an instant message from him in January ’09 (or maybe early February ’09) where he said “the monthly, rolling, 10-year return on the SP 500 hasn’t been this low since the 1930’s.”

The SP 500 put in a secular low within the next 6 weeks.

Read the above piece about the “Long Term Trend is Your Friend”.

It is quite good.

There is more upside for this secular bull market.

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