OPEC meeting, Saudi Aramco and the State of Commodities

Because of the diminished long-terms returns-on-invested-capital and the inability for many commodity companies to build what Mr. Buffett and Morningstar call the “sustainable moat”, clients have never owned substantial positions in commodity companies for longer periods of time. Yes, Alcoa … Continued

Is SP 500 Earnings Growth Topping Out ?

Here is 6-year detail (both historical and prospective) of SP 500 earnings growth: 2020: +9% (est) 2019: +10% (est) 2018: +22% (est) 2017: +12% 2016: +1% 2015: -1% Source: Thomson Reuters IBES     The Excel table just above shows … Continued

Fed Rate Hike this Week – Here is the Conundrum

https://www.frbsf.org/education/publications/doctor-econ/2013/march/federal-reserve-interest-balances-reserves/ One article read this weekend – think it was from the CNBC app – noted that the surprise with this week’s FOMC announcement could be that that the Fed starts paying interest on member bank deposits ? I have … Continued

Apple’s Forward Estimates Updated

In the weekly SP 500 Earnings update this weekend, some thoughts were given on the Technology sector’s earnings, forward growth estimates, and the influence Apple has on the sector. Readers should quickly look at this blog post from a few … Continued