Market Cap Matters in Earnings Season

With the latest earnings update last week, it wasn’t noticed until post-publication, that only two of the eleven sectors of the SP 500, actually had “greater-than-benchmark” expected earnings growth. Here is last weekend’s link. Technology earnings are expected to grow … Continued

Q2 ’17 SP 500 Earnings Season Begins

In terms of the technicals, the Technology sector is way overbought. The Energy and Telco sectors are way oversold. There are far better technicians than me that you can read every day on Twitter, TheStreet, Seeking Alpha, and the various … Continued

Value vs Growth Across the Market Cap’s

FC – Value vs Growth The financial media of late is talking about the “growth vs value” debate, and the out-performance of growth since the 2009 market bottom. Growth has certainly performed better vs value investing, particularly the first six … Continued

SP 500 Remains Reasonably Valued

Dr. David Kelly and the JP Morgan research team publish a quarterly “Guide to the Markets” which I’ve always thought was an excellent 70-odd page summary of economics, capital markets, style boxes, and all manner of investment-related information in one … Continued