Emerging Markets – What Now ?

The Emerging Markets ended a 10-year bear market in Q1 ’16, as the EEM (iShares MSCI ETF) peaked in the $55 area in October, ’07, the VWO (Vanguard EM ETF) peaked near $58 in November ’07, where both bottomed in … Continued

Dollar Is Very Stretched

Good chart from Chris Kimble’s technical analysis service. The sustained dollar weakness has been one of the surprises to 2017. I cant help but think at least some of it has to do with the inability of Treasury yields to … Continued

A longer Look at SP 500 Earnings

2019 est: +10% 2018 est: +12% 2017 est: +11% 2016: +1% 2015: -1% 2014: +8% 2013: +6% 2012 +6% 2011:+15% 2010 +40% This blog may be out with a few sector updates over the weekend (or maybe not) but tonight’s … Continued

The Great Rotation and a LinkFest for Readers

What is it about the 2,100 level for the SP 500 ? From LPL’s Ryan Detrick’s twitter feed too. In mid-February ’16, Justin Lahart of the Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent article suggesting  a “recursive loop” was in effect, explaining … Continued