SP 500: Still Reasonably-Valued

What the title of today’s blog doesn’t tell you is that valuation is a slippery slope. Some of the seemingly cheapest stocks in the SP 500 are not really attractive values, but more “value-traps” which like the Siren’s of Greek … Continued

SP 500 Remains Reasonably Valued

Dr. David Kelly and the JP Morgan research team publish a quarterly “Guide to the Markets” which I’ve always thought was an excellent 70-odd page summary of economics, capital markets, style boxes, and all manner of investment-related information in one … Continued

SP 500 Valuation Still Not Unreasonable

Valuation makes for a poor timing tool, although long-term investors need to keep one eye on the metrics to remain informed. Std Dev Std Dev Valuation 25-year over/under 25-year over/under Measure Description Latest average valued Description Latest average valued P/E … Continued

Looking at the SP 500’s Valuation

A better title for tonight’s post might be “What is the True Growth Rate of Q1 ’15 SP 500 Earnings ?” since so many look the SP 500’s p.e ratio and draw conclusions from that metric. I asked Greg Harrison, … Continued