SP 500: Still Reasonably-Valued

What the title of today’s blog doesn’t tell you is that valuation is a slippery slope. Some of the seemingly cheapest stocks in the SP 500 are not really attractive values, but more “value-traps” which like the Siren’s of Greek … Continued

SP 500 Remains Reasonably Valued

Dr. David Kelly and the JP Morgan research team publish a quarterly “Guide to the Markets” which I’ve always thought was an excellent 70-odd page summary of economics, capital markets, style boxes, and all manner of investment-related information in one … Continued

SP 500 Valuation Still Not Unreasonable

Valuation makes for a poor timing tool, although long-term investors need to keep one eye on the metrics to remain informed. Std Dev Std Dev Valuation 25-year over/under 25-year over/under Measure Description Latest average valued Description Latest average valued P/E … Continued