Investor Sentiment – Just Can’t Resist

  Again, in the weekly Bespoke Report, investor sentiment – which is traditionally a contrarian indicator – should portend higher prices down the road for the SP 500. It’s a very frustrating market – we get overbought and then oversold … Continued

Check this Sentiment Chart

Bernie Schaeffer’s – Schaeffer’s Investment Research – “Despondent Survey” is at an interesting level:   From talking to clients and reading comments on Seeking Alpha, most are still bearish on “expected forward returns” for the SP 500, and to me … Continued

Breadth & Sentiment: The “No BS Model”

Readers know my appreciation of Bespoke’s work, the firm started by Paul Hickey and his crew after coming out of Laszlo Birinyi’s shop (and Laszlo published some pretty good research as well) and last Friday’s weekly “Bespoke Report” was no … Continued