How Client’s Are Positioned for Q4 ’18

  Since this blog’s last update on portfolio positioning in early July ’18, the weightings of the positions have changed little in the last three months. With the creation of the Communications sector, Technology’s sector weighting has fallen to 20%, … Continued

Emerging Markets – What Now ?

The Emerging Markets ended a 10-year bear market in Q1 ’16, as the EEM (iShares MSCI ETF) peaked in the $55 area in October, ’07, the VWO (Vanguard EM ETF) peaked near $58 in November ’07, where both bottomed in … Continued

Dollar Is Very Stretched

Good chart from Chris Kimble’s technical analysis service. The sustained dollar weakness has been one of the surprises to 2017. I cant help but think at least some of it has to do with the inability of Treasury yields to … Continued