What SP 500 Earnings Estimates Are Not

Bob Doll, Nuveen’s excellent strategist here in Chicago was on CNBC Wednesday here and he talked about the SP 500 possibly not seeing as a much as a 10% correction given that ‘earnings are too strong”. Bob could be right, but … Continued

Cash-Repatriation Math on Large-Cap Tech

  With pending passage of tax reform several of the major Tech sector names were looked at to see what percentage of their outstanding shares could be repurchased with repatriated cash from abroad. Most Technology companies disclose in their Q’s … Continued

SP 500 P.E Expansion / Contraction since 1990

Source: Morningstar / Ibbotson’s Stocks, Bonds, Bills & Inflation Handbook The 30-year bond data needs to be updated and the Barclay’s data is now being tracked (now Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate)on the spreadsheet. The point of today’s post is simply to … Continued