Great Read from Jag Capital

Guys like Jeff Miller at NewArc Capital and Josh Brown are frequently quoted on this blog. Their research is top-notch and its also written in a way that is readily digestible for readers. Today’s piece is from Norm Conley of … Continued

Q4 ’18 SP 500 Earnings Begin This Week

At least 22 large-cap Financials report this coming week and for clients, JP Morgan (JPM) and Charles Schwab (SCHW) are the most important. These positions aren’t really traded and have been core holdings for years, and even though the Financial … Continued

The Best Lecture of 2018

Professor Joel Greenblatt of the famed Columbia Business School came through Chicago in early December, 2018, to speak to the CFA Society of Chicago. I’d heard of Professor Greenblatt’s books, and even bought 2 or 3 before the presentation. The … Continued

The Chart

  2011 was the last year the SP 500 has seen the 50-month moving average. Here was last night’s post comparing this current correction with the 2011 and 2015 – 2016 drawdowns. Kinda ugly this quarter and looking at the … Continued