Dodd-Frank and its Impact on Big Bank Revenue

The Financial sector started to rally about a month before the Presidential election, with the results of the November 8th election, sending the sector even higher, for it’s best rally since 2013. The election catalyst with the Republican Congress and … Continued

All Eyes on 2017 Earnings Now

Readers will kept abreast of sector changes and such over the next 6 weeks of the quarter, but really all eyes should be on 2017 SP 500 earnings estimates and the potential impact from not just personal tax rate reductions, … Continued

Stay With The Energy Sector

Today’s EIA Energy data (see bullet points just below) should have sent the sector skidding lower, but it didn’t. (Cut-and-pasted from The EIA reports that for the week ending Nov 11: Crude oil inventories had a build of +5.274 … Continued